• CBC’s “The National”

    Apple’s Macintosh turned 30 in January, 2014 — so CBC’s nightly newscast “The National” had me on to talk about how the Mac changed the way we use computers, for good and for ill.

  • MSNBC’s “The Cycle” — “The Parent Trap”

    I was on MSNBC’s “The Cycle” talking about the secret reason teens flock to social media — which is that society doesn’t let them hang out face-to-face, away from adults, any more. A very fun conversation!

  • NPR’s “On Point” interviews me about autotranslation software

    NPR’s “On Point” interviewed me about the future of learning a second language — in a world where machines are getting better and better at auto-translation.

  • Radio New Zealand

    Radio New Zealand International hosted me for a half-hour conversation about my book — a really terrific conversation!

  • CBS This Morning

    I visited CBS’s This Morning to talk about my book — including the explosion of “public thinking”, how Google affects your doctor’s memory, and why people only look at paper encyclopedias once a year.

    Over at Huffington Post live, host Alyona Minkovski interviewed me about my book — talking about the power of “ambient awareness,” and how the “phone-stacking game” has become a fun way to keep from checking your Iphone while at lunch with friends.

  • Andrew Keen and Techcrunch

    Andrew Keen interviewed me for his terrific show on Techcrunch. Here, we talk about my book and the value of “small” conversation — the types of thinking that’s only possible with a more intimate group of people.

  • Slate’s “gabfest” talks about my book and “transactive memory”

    During Slate’s “Gabfest”, the Slate political writer John Dickerson discussed my book and the concept of “transactive memory” — specifically, how he and his family all use each other to quickly remember things.

  • MSNBC’s “The Cycle”

    MSNBC’s show “The Cycle” had me on to talk about my book — and deliver a verdict on Twitter’s impending IPO.

  • “The New Literacies” talk at Maker Faire

    At the NYC Maker Faire on Sept. 22, I gave a talk about “The New Literacies” — how we’re learning to form our thoughts, and express them, in photography, video, data and even 3D printing.

  • Interview on WNYC’s “On the Media”

    Brooke Gladstone of WNYC’s “On the Media” interviewed me about the book — in a conversation that ranges from “centaur” chess to “ambient awareness” to my fondness for playing Japanese “bullet hell” games on the weekend.

  • Interview on the Brian Lehrer Show

    Brian Lehrer of WNYC interviewed me about my book, talking about “transactive memory” and Google, ambient awareness, and more. There were some terrific call-in comments from listeners, too.

  • Without Connections, Big Ideas Can Die

    At the Wired business conference in the spring of 2013, I delivered a talk on “Where Big Ideas Come From” — arguing that “public thinking” leads to powerful and useful serendipitious connections to other people.